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  Neon started with clear glass filled with neon gas which glows red when processed in a neon plant.

  Argon with added mercury which glows blue when processed came next.

  Then phosphorus powder was added to the tube walls to give more color options.

  Back to kindergarten: blue powder + red gas = pink neon
blue powder + blue gas = blue neon
purple powder + red gas = hot pink neon
green powder + red gas = orange neon, etc.

  Next came along colored glass and then colored glass with phosphorus powder added.

  Generally, neon tubing comes in four foot straight lengths.

  A neon glass blower will heat the straight tubes in fire to get the glass pliable.  Then he shapes the tube to the fullsize, reverse paper pattern of the neon project that is covered with a screen so the pattern does not get burned.

  Each unit of neon has two electrodes that are then sealed onto a manifold system and the tubing is sterilized & processed using a vacuum pump & a bombarder.

  The neon or argon (need to add mercury for argon) is then added to the tube.  The tubes are sealed off and then the unit is ready for the project.

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