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  How long does neon last?
      Neon that is process correctly can last for 20 years.  It is usually the transformer that goes first.

  Can a broken beer type neon sign be fixed?
      Most likely, yes, for usually under $100.  The catch is the glass.  To save money some neon manufacturers dip white or clear neon in a special paint to give it a deep color without the cost of the expensive colored glass.  This type of neon cannot be repaired by anyone because due to the heat repairing the unit, the paint chares black.  No neon shop can repair a painted unit.  It can be made new.

  How much do neon estimates cost?
      Estimates are free.

  Can you design the sign for me?
      Yes, we can design the sign for you at no additional cost.  Once we are awarded the job, we will produce final drawings.

  Do you have a catalog?
      Check our gallery page.  Also check back soon for our flyer.

  Can I have neon in my house?
      Technically, neon is illegal in residential settings because it is more than 110 volts.  Permits can be obtained from local authorities.  Few companies are qualified to do neon in residential settings.  Rainbow Neon is qualified to do residential neon.

  Is neon dangerous?
      No, neon is not dangerous.  It is the electricity used to power the neon one has to be careful with and watch.  The actual gases used in neon are inert and harmless.  There is liquid mercury inside a great deal of the neon one needs to be aware of as well.

  How much does neon cost?
      Neon is priced on time and material.  Since Rainbow Neon is a custom company, prices vary.  Everyone wants a certain color, certain size and each project personalized according to certain specifications.  As a ballpark, for budgeting only, transformers that mount directly to a sign are about $100 each.  Plexiglass is about $10 a square foot rounded to the next full foot.  There is an assembly charge per sign of about $90 which includes mounting hardware, supports, wiring, etc.  Then add the neon cost.  Wholesale prices and retail prices vary.  Retail prices are roughly the wholesale prices times 1.5. 

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